A shift, felt more than seen,


Under the moon, she wakes,

She wakes.

Tiny spots of air break the water’s surface,

Pa, pa, pa.

Under the moon, she stirs,

She stirs.

The people turn in their beds, a dream,

A dream.

Under the moon, she sings,

She sings.

A shimmer of moonlight sparks off scales,

Warped through water.

Under the moon, she sighs,

She sighs.

The people wonder what’s dream, and true,

Blinking in the between.

Under the moon, she smiles,

She smiles.

A silver foot finds the soil, stepping there,

Stepping there.

Under the moon, she walks,

She walks.

In the rooms, dreams spill out,

Tumbling forth.

Under the moon, she dances,

She dances.


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