That Mama Look


You know the one, that says “you’re done,”
play time’s over, and so is fun.
With just a glance, she foils your plans,
trouble is here, you stand no chance.

You know the one, that’s not so bad,
some hot water, but she’s not mad.
It’s in her eyes, and how she tries,
to hide laughing, in scowl’s disguise.

You know the one, that makes you brave,
it helps you shine, even behave.
So she can hear, you say it clear,
“Mama watch this!” and lose all fear.

You know the one, it has no measure,
a glow of pride, for her treasure.
It makes you soar, it makes you roar,
mighty, happy, becoming more.

You know the one, it’s just for you,
love, acceptance, in all you do.
There’s no other, you’ll discover,
like that one look, from your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Written by W. C. McClure This may be shared (and please do); just please be sure to share it in its entirety, unaltered (and including this fine print), with credit given to W. C. McClure. Comments are welcome at If you want to show your support, tell your friends about and pick up a copy of “The Statues of Azminan” by W. C. McClure. Thanks!

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