Book Release: The Parallel Abduction

Exciting news! THE PARALLEL ABDUCTION is available for purchase at It takes about a week to arrive once ordered. In 6-8 weeks you’ll be able to find it on popular store sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well. Please help spread the word.
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Those of you who have been following the stories of John, Sarah, Professor Cruz and Cassidy will be able to enjoy having them gathered together in one spot. You may recognize some other stories as well – though you might catch some rearrangement of characters and details to help tell a larger, and infinitely stranger story.

THE PARALLEL ABDUCTION is a short story jigsaw puzzle involving a mysterious inter-dimensional adventurer, a university campus experiencing increasingly odd events, even stranger oddities happening in the city, time meddlers and the enigmatic figures of the game designers with their secrets and surprise appearances. Pieced together, the stories form a picture that is best viewed from several angles. Perhaps also from several dimensions.