I’m typing this up on my phone so this week’s post will be brief. I’m part of a family that celebrates Easter, so today I’ll hear about rising from death. Children will seek hidden eggs and everyone will smile with the same hope that spring affords us. It’s a  time of year when the sense of something new sprouting from the old resonates on the breeze. I feel it keenly this year.

Happily, I’m unable to write this on my computer because we don’t yet have Internet hooked up in our new home. Happily? Yes. Those of you who remember reading about the troubles in our neighborhood a few months back will be relieved to know that we’ve moved to a much safer area, in a home that will take care of us as our children grow up.

We’re living out of boxes. I can’t find half the things I’m looking for and I’m so very happy. Feeling deeply the chance for new beginnings. Our neighbors smile and wave and introduce themselves. It’s quiet at night and morning announces itself through bird song. THIS is where my children will remember growing up.

Normally I try to work in a larger story but this week it’s simple. One of my favorite topics to contemplate is hope. The more I try to whittle down to what that small word means the more I’m in awe that such a thing can exist. And it’s so easy to lose hold of hope without realizing the loss. I’m grateful for many things right now, and most especially for being reminded of hope.

Whatever your beliefs regarding this time of year, my readers, I’m wishing you happy new beginnings. And tremendous, wonderful hope in your lives.