Today I Choose

Today in America we honor the men and women who lost their lives in military service, and my thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have fallen.

No one promises that this life will go on indefinitely yet we all cling to it as if it should. It’s in our instincts to survive. To fight to survive even. If we didn’t feel the need to continue then we wouldn’t value those among us who are willing to fight to protect the rest. But we do value them. We do want to keep going, and to lose someone to death is heartbreaking. Unthinkable. Even though we all know that this fleeting journey from birth to death is borrowed, we want that time line to be on our terms. And it isn’t.

That’s why my thoughts today are with the families and friends of those who gave everything they had to offer, life included. For the one who passed, this journey is ended. Their life was as varied and unique as there are stars dotting the sky, but they share this. The punctuation mark at the end of the last sentence telling their story was one of sacrifice for the protection of those they loved and those they didn’t even know.

For those who carry on their memory there is a challenge, not just today but every day. How do I go on? All of those expectations of milestones that will never happen and years that feel stolen away weigh heavy around a survivor’s heart. Yet, ultimately, that isn’t the life our loved ones were fighting for us to have.

How best to honor the fallen will be a different answer for each of us, every day and every year. Today, this year, I send my love to the survivors, and encourage you all to live today in a way that would make it all worth fighting for.

We each choose, moment by moment, how our life will be defined once it’s said and done, whether we’re conscious of those choices or not.

Today I choose to make my life rich with love.