My sister joked once that mathematics fail when it comes to your second child. “You’d think it would be twice the work,” she said, “but something exponential happens and it turns out to be three or four times somehow.”

It was difficult to imagine what to expect a couple of weeks ago, as I gazed at my toddler son and my full round belly. The last few years with my son have been incredible; filled with laughter and love and inexpressible joy. How would it be once there was another son needing that same attention? That same love and laughter? Would we be able to provide both of them with everything that they need emotionally, physically, spiritually?

Our second son was born last week. He’s healthy, as am I. Our first son has handled the transition admirably so far and as is his habit, makes my heart swell in those little moments when I see the kind, nurturing person that he is. And our second son… I’m smitten. I keep coming back to my sister’s quip. She’s absolutely right. Something exponential does happen, and it happens in every direction. I have no doubt there will be four times the work. I’m elated to discover that love multiplies just as easily.

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