Into the woods

Retooled and Ready for Round Two

I took a breath over the last year to edit upcoming novels and focus on family, and it was a much needed time away from producing weekly short stories. Now, however, with renewed energy, I’m ready to dive back in again!

The format of my posts will be a little different moving forward, and I expect the next six months to be full of discoveries and adjustments. But short stories will flow again! Also in rotation will be anecdotes from the near side of dreams (a.k.a. real life), poetry and other fun meanderings.

I’m also going to be posting content on my new Patreon page: There, I’ll share a variety of things, short stories included, as well as patron-only content and other fun perks. I like the community-building aspect of it and look forward to seeing what grows there. If that sounds fun to you, check it out!

And, happily, I’d like to thank my first two patrons! This post is dedicated to Ann & Jess, my first treasured World Shapers. I’ve created a Support page here on this site to recognize the people who are helping me reach toward the goal of writing full time and to highlight the projects I have going on and ways to get involved. Please go take a look.

I also want to thank Dustin Martin for joining the dreaming!

Finally, thank you to everyone here who has been with me through the years on this writing journey. When I set out writing, I envisioned a future of traditionally publishing YA fantasy fiction books. Tours and book signings were of course prevalent in that fantasy, as well as hefty contracts of course. I didn’t even consider that blogging short stories might grow into more of a calling, nor could I have guessed at how rewarding it would be to follow that path. I discovered a global community of readers and writers who met me with supportive encouragement. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Please stay close – there is so much more to come!


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