Tune Traveler by W. C. McClure

Welcome “Tune Traveler”

I’m happy to present the book version of “Tune Traveler.”


Dario’s musically induced “episodes” begin as nothing more than brief glimpses. A side effect of adolescence, perhaps? Except they begin to grow into something far bigger. A song might take him to a crowded parade or an isolated mountain. One day, suddenly, Clara Miller is there with him. What was a private mystery becomes a puzzle of time, love and music.

The Color Series:

I created the Color Series to play with a different approach to getting my short stories out into the world. A blog is nice, but sometimes it’s fun to be able to hold a story in your hands. Rather than creating a compilation of what could be, in many cases, a disparate collection, I gathered together my favorite short stories from my blog and began creating individual books, categorized by color.

Some colors feed the larger worlds of the novels I’m working on. Some feed themselves. Some are simply colorful. The idea is that they’ll make a fun read. Plus, they’re a cute and affordable gift or a nice collection for a colorful section of your bookshelf.

Important Links for Tune Traveler:

Where to buy the book:

Tune Traveler (Paperback)
Tune Traveler (Kindle)

A Peek Into the Story:

When one truly connects with a piece of music, great leaps of time and space happen within the imagination. Vivid landscapes and remembered scents tickle the senses. Emotions stir from slumberous corners. Possibilities stretch toward infinity. Why not, then, view this as a method of travel? And if one can travel in this way, why not more than one? And just suppose… if two people were to meet through this means of travel, why limit time? There lie the essential notes for a romance that stretches across chords, key changes and generations.

My Gratitude:

These last few years have been exceptionally challenging for me as a writer. I have ideas aplenty, but I also hold a full-time job; mother some extraordinary young children; do my best at keeping my home clean and its inhabitants fed, healthy and loved; and all of this takes priority, unfortunately, over time to write. It’s a perfect breeding ground for cutting losses and walking away. I don’t for two important reasons. The first is that I find peace in the acts of writing and editing; sculpting the best story I can produce at the time. The second, and likely most important, is that I’ve heard from people who have been impacted positively by the stories I’ve written. That fuel goes so, so very far.

If you’ve read my recent posts, you’ll know I’ve started sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits at https://patreon.com/wcmcclure. It’s a multi-fold effort to continue writing in this more challenging stage of life. The service enables fans to become patrons of the arts, which is a help to any independent artist. It’s also built to create something of a community. I like that part most of all. I’m still getting started there. Feeling my way around. And I’m absolutely humbled by the people who jumped in and became patrons when they heard about it.

To those of you who have been reading this blog over the past (nearly) seven years, you have my undying gratitude. There are so many moments when I was about to give in to the temptation of “setting writing aside until the kids are older,” then I’d see a comment of encouragement. You’ve made it worthwhile to keep fighting through. And don’t go anywhere! Short stories and meanderings are still on the way here.

I have a new channel for gratitude, though, and I’m thrilled to thank my patrons, including Stephanie Tuma and my World Shapers, Ann & Jess. To each person who has joined as a patron or become a free follower on Patreon, I extend my sincere thanks for your invaluable support!

It all helps.


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