Green Eyes Among Us

From the Near Side of Dreams

Green Eyes is published! Yes, I realize I named the Indigo book of the Color Series “Green Eyes.” Bear with me. The theme will make sense after a while. 🙂



Bud’s life is the picture of contentment. He has a job. He’s still close with his school friends even after middle age stole upon them. On a weekend camping trip, the party starts like any other: Drinks, burgers, pulling down some trees with his four-wheeler, a little target practice on their spent beer cans. They’re “livin’ like livin’ ought to be done.”

A visitation in the night, though, shifts everything. His only sense of the thing is its green eyes. From that moment forward, Bud’s life changes in ways that demand he notice his impact on the world. Is it too late to reevaluate what good living means? Is it too late for a lesson to be learned?

Thank You!

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