Announcing ‘The Sleep’

From the Near Side of Dreams

‘The Sleep’ is published! Okay, that actually happened a week or so ago, but now I’m announcing it. By now, my Rainbow Surfer patrons and up have received a link to their eBook copy and my Book Club and World Shaper patrons should have received their physical books in the mail. Please enjoy!

Meanwhile, I continue perfecting my novel, Onyx:05, and the Shadow Factor series that will accompany it. Publication for Onyx:05 will be sometime in February or March. When I have a solid date, I’ll announce it loudly and proudly. I’m happy with the cover artwork and the manuscript is in a place where it only endures small adjustments at this point. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read through or listened to computer voices reciting it to me.

I consider it a good sign that I’m still in love with the story, the world encompassing it, and its characters most of all. I hope you will fall in love, too.

Link to The Sleep


The inhabitants of the base on Gliese 667 Cc are falling asleep and they aren’t waking up. It falls to Juan and Kiera, the youngest members of the distant outpost, to find a cause and a cure before it’s too late.

Thank You!

Thanks goes to my amazing patrons at They are beautiful, incredible people who always find a way to reduce, reuse and recycle. Their support helps make this blog and the books I’m publishing possible.

In fact, I’d like to welcome my newest patron: Welcome Sarah! Thank you so much for your support. You mean the world to me.


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