Radiant, She Rises

She speaks in light and sings color.
Stark brilliance clothes her tender limbs
while her gentle sighs sway the seasons.

She is forbidden and glorious.
Dew fresh, hope-filled and eternal,
her smile bears forth budding ambition.

Swords fall to flowers in her gaze.
Nations kneel and vow loyalty,
setting their dreams upon her sweet brow.

She blinks and the world dims briefly.
Loss takes on form as she falters,
flashes more brightly against the void.

Seeds of worship sprout and stretch chutes.
We cry mercy and feel her gaze,
dazzling eyes blaze hot with purity.

She bids we try to understand.
Palely, bowing from the vast weight,
we unclasp our hard reaching fingers.

She drifts heavenward, her voice freed.
A new song trembles through the air,
resonant of forgiveness and hope.

This post was made possible by my patrons at https://www.patreon.com/wcmcclure.

A special Thank You to Dustin Martin, Rainy City Ukulele School, Nicole Tuma, Stephanie Tuma, Sarah, and my eternal gratitude to my World Shapers, Ann & Jess. Thank you for your support!


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