Her Answer

A million laughing twirls
Radiant mother danced
Before the truest love spoke he.

A trillion more passed by
In passionate embrace,
Their duties quite fully set free.

To be born of such love
Shines it’s own vivid light,
Though their daughter was something new.

For her song woke the world,
The skies filled with laughter,
Her light kissing the morning dew.

Dance in your dreams!
Be free to sing!
Oh daughter shining bright.

We call, we call
The voice of all,
“Bring forth your healing light!”

She walks a path moonlit
As dawn begins its arc
and raising her clear voice aloft,

She sings names, large and small,
Entreating for us all,
Her voice and footfalls sure and soft,

“We implore,” calls forth she,
“All creatures of the light,
And ask what good might we yet give.”

Her answer is offered
In true and constant love,
“Squander not a moment, but live!”

I’d like to thank my patrons at https://www.patreon.com/wcmcclure: Dustin Martin; Nicole Tuma; Rainy City Ukulele School; Stephanie Tuma; and my World Shapers, Ann, Jess and Natalie. Thank you for your continued support.


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