Please welcome ‘The Painted Elephant’

Quick Synopsis

Fourteen year old William is an apprentice to Mr. Crawford, a scholar and adventurous collector of rare antiquities. Four days into their journey homeward after procuring the fabled Painted Elephant, there is singing in the water at night. The winds go silent. The crew’s superstitions soon begin to whisper of mermaids. Crawford scoffs at these notions even as men go missing. William takes again to his studies, hoping to find the secret to the mysterious artifact in the ship’s hold before it’s too late.

The Color Series, volume I, is complete

This white book completes the first round of the Color Series. This has been a fun project. I have four more rounds planned, potentially, though I may set the single short stories aside for a bit to finish editing ‘Sapphire Sun,’ the sequel to ‘Onyx:05.’

Thank You!

My writing is made possible by the extraordinary community of patrons at Stephanie Tuma, Dustin, Rainy City Ukelele, Nicole Tuma and Sarah. Your support and encouragement keep the stories coming. Thank you.

And my amazing World Shapers, Ann, Jess and Natalie, are the sort of people who bring their own sunshine to a day.