Sapphire Sun episode 4

At age fifteen, Kita’s most capable rival in the elite class at the agency is also her closest friend, Wren. Outside the agency, Quig and Erin have become her family in Kelig, together perfecting the art of enjoying city life. In a chance encounter, Kita crosses paths with Elene, a breathtakingly beautiful Orun. Kita is suddenly inspired to take up hand drawing to try to capture the image haunting her mind. Her efforts attract unexpected interest.

I want to thank my amazing patrons at They have made all of this possible. Thank you!

My World Shapers: Ann, Jess, Natalie, Barney and Diane McClure, and Mike and Leigh Dunlap.

My patrons: Sarah, Dustin Martin, Rain City Ukulele School, Nicole Tuma and Stephanie Tuma.


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