A Sapphire Sun, episodes 10-14

Episodes 10-14 slip ahead to Kita’s adult life in Kelig, aligning finally with the events that take place in Onyx:05. Kita’s agency friend, Ivia, has been murdered by one of Uari’s demi-Oru. In Kita’s citizenry life, something is going on with Erin. The odd collection of memories Kita has regarding the infatuation with the Orun, Paharis, are an embarrassing memory, likely brought on by the Dreaming Fever.

Once she learns more about Erin’s plight, and Erin’s agency identity, Kita is compelled to help her long-time friend. This inspires her to launch a career path at the agency she had thought out of reach, but once she does, a door is opened to parts of her past she thought figments of imagination.


Unlikely Returns: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/episode/B09K6VK4T1

Mystery and Murder: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/episode/B09KPWXLTY

The Unmasking: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/episode/B09KPY82MX

Beyond the Twin Pools: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/episode/B09KPZ57GX

Serving in Better Light: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/episode/B09KPY6Z4G


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