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Onyx:05 is Published!

I’m elated to announce that Onyx:05 is a published book. Please help me tell the world about it!

Link to e-book:

Link to paperback:

Elevator Synopsis:

It’s a dystopian femme fatale spy love story.

More In-depth Synopsis:

Erin has had more names than most. Born Abrea, citizen number unknown, she spent her childhood in a shifting landscape of identities, hideouts and survival training camps. Nowhere was safe for long. The Red Guard, elite soldiers for the Oru, hunted her family relentlessly.

When she was twelve, her parents left her in Kelig to enter the agency with a warning to remain hidden and never to speak of her unique upbringing. Seven years later, a showdown with Uari’s celebrated demi-Orun, Zade, reveals to her the secrets behind her childhood. She lets the world believe Zade succeeded in killing her in order to escape, but now she’s armed with Zade’s citizenry name, Paolo. She begins a hunt of her own.

ONYX:05 is the story of a young woman navigating the cracks of a breaking dystopian world. Between a web of espionage games, the eyes and ears of an ever-watchful Uarian agency, the wrathful justice of the Oru and a growing divide within her own heart on her path toward vengeance, it may be enough just to survive.

The Story of how Onyx:05 came to be:

I awakened one morning, remarking to my husband how I had just dreamed a complete story. Characters, plot points, the whole works. I meant to jot it down but a couple months passed before I did anything about it. Finally, waking around 8am on a Saturday morning from a dream where I was being ordered to write it out, I sat down and began to type. This was pre-children, so I wrote all day, ending at midnight. 8am again on Sunday, I dug in for round two. At midnight, I finished the 40,000 word story.

That story has grown since then. Characters have joined the story line, layers of intrigue have woven themselves into intricate patterns behind the scenes and events have stretched beyond the original ending. The heart is still the same, though, and I am delighted to share the world Erin, Kita and Quig inhabit with all of you. It’s a wild ride.

Please help me spread the word!

Readers, I need your help now more than ever. Please mention this book to people you know who might be interested in reading it. Share a link on social media. Purchase a copy or ten. 😁 If you enjoyed the read, please write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Positive reviews help tremendously.

Thank you for being my reason to write!