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W. C. McClure can be a difficult one to track down, given time, space and other universal shifts that might be afoot, which is most disconcerting when she disappears in plain sight. If cornered on the subject, she claims merely that she’s looking for something. On the near side of dreams, you may find W to be focused and somewhat quiet. A working mom, W steals small moments to write, most often in her work lunch room or after everyone else in the house is asleep. Writing is a passion that won't be set aside. On the few ill-advised occasions when she tried, it resulted in sleepless nights, a restless mind and long binges of supernatural teenage drama television shows. For everyone's sake, she has promised not to try that again. On the far side of dreams, W is an adventurer, innovator and fearless champion for light, creativity and the parts of our world in need of championing. When stars align, W is able to call this version of herself into the near side of dreams. During the times in between, this connection is woven into the stories W crafts. Indoctrinated into the secret arts of description by the legendary gurus of a remote snow-swept world, W is careful to exercise her literary skills only for the sake of good. It is at times a razor’s edge. If you like what you've read on this blog, you may also enjoy the bonus content at There you're likely to find behind the scenes peeks, polls, extra tales and anecdotes, publication announcements and more. There is no obligation to become a patron - although if you do, your support helps toward allowing W to create more stories. Either way, you're a welcome part of this community and W thanks you for reading from the bottom of her heart.

Please welcome ‘The Painted Elephant’

Quick Synopsis

Fourteen year old William is an apprentice to Mr. Crawford, a scholar and adventurous collector of rare antiquities. Four days into their journey homeward after procuring the fabled Painted Elephant, there is singing in the water at night. The winds go silent. The crew’s superstitions soon begin to whisper of mermaids. Crawford scoffs at these notions even as men go missing. William takes again to his studies, hoping to find the secret to the mysterious artifact in the ship’s hold before it’s too late.

The Color Series, volume I, is complete

This white book completes the first round of the Color Series. This has been a fun project. I have four more rounds planned, potentially, though I may set the single short stories aside for a bit to finish editing ‘Sapphire Sun,’ the sequel to ‘Onyx:05.’

Thank You!

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