Color Series

The short stories in this series were originally published here on I have selected my favorites and compiled them into a Color Series, a collection of single short stories categorized into the color spectrum by genre and purpose.

Some colors feed the larger worlds of my novels. Some feed themselves. Some are simply colorful. My hope is that these small books, when collected, will fill your bookshelf with delightful rainbows and stories to savor.

Which color are you?

A Moment From Now by W. C. McClure
The Star Keeper by W. C. McCure
The Steadfast Sequoia by W. C. McClure
Seed of Rebellion by W. C. McClure
Girl with the Ocean Eyes by W. C. McClure
Tune Traveler by W. C. McClure
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Short Story Compilations

The Parallel Abduction
The Cinnamon Circus by W. C. McClure