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ONYX:05 is the story of a young woman navigating the cracks of a breaking dystopian world.

Erin has had more names than most. Born Abrea, citizen number unknown, she spent her childhood in a shifting landscape of identities, hideouts and survival training camps. Nowhere was safe for long. The Red Guard, elite soldiers for the Oru, hunted her family relentlessly. When she was twelve, her parents left her in Kelig to enter the agency with a warning to remain hidden and never to speak of her unique upbringing.

Seven years later, a showdown with Uari’s celebrated demi-Orun, Zade, reveals to her the secrets behind her childhood. She lets the world believe Zade succeeded in killing her in order to escape, but now she’s armed with Zade’s citizenry name, Paolo. She begins a hunt of her own.

Erin must navigate a web of espionage games, the eyes and ears of an ever-watchful Uarian agency, the wrathful justice of the Oru and a growing divide within her own heart on her path toward vengeance. It may be enough just to survive.

Color Series

The short stories in this series were originally published here on I have selected my favorites and compiled them into a Color Series, a collection of single short stories categorized into the color spectrum by genre and purpose.

Some colors feed the larger worlds of my novels. Some feed themselves. Some are simply colorful. My hope is that these small books, when collected, will fill your bookshelf with delightful rainbows and stories to savor.

Which color are you?

For behind the scenes insights on the color series, check out

Short Story Compilations

The Parallel Abduction
The Cinnamon Circus by W. C. McClure

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