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Mother Dancer’s Skirts

There’s no need to cry, child, and I’ll tell you why. You see, there’s a good reason for you being the way you are. It’s a special way to be, and though you get teased… you may always get teased… it is because those teasing you don’t understand what they see. Have you heard the story of Mother Dancer? No? Well there you are. Listen closely and you’ll understand.

In that place before this life and after, Mother Dancer sways and spins. Every color, every hope, fear and love spill around in the fabric of her swirling skirts. Souls curious about this world hang onto her hems and get glimpses of its wonders.

When a soul is done with their journey here they step into Mother Dancer’s embrace. She holds them tightly as they tell of their first skinned knee, their loves and disappointments, their toils and wonders and wisdoms. All of their stories flow into her until they remember themselves and no longer need her dance.

Below, in her skirts, the curious drink in the mysteries of what they learn. There is a moment for each of those souls when they release their hold and fall into a warm sleep. From there they are born. They wake into this life with only the memory of their curiosity and a few hints of what they had learned before their leap.

Every once in a while, though, a soul does not drift to sleep when they shake loose of her moving skirts. They keep a single thread in their grasp and go into this world with their eyes still open. Through their life they continue to feel the connection to Mother Dancer, though it’s confusing. Their memories of Mother Dancer cannot translate in this brain they were given so their understanding of her is kept through emotion and fleeting glimpses of shifting light in their slumbers. They continue to sense her rhythms and notice that those in the world around them do not. It is easy to assume that their difference is a problem, particularly because these special souls often know more than they ought to.

Your eyes went wide. Yes dear, I thought this would get your attention. It is common for these special souls… let’s call them dancers… it’s common for dancers to have a sense of a thing before it happens. They often have difficulty with their emotions because they feel not just their own responses to the world but the responses from everyone around them, too. You can see how, don’t you, with their eyes still open and part of them still holding a thread from Mother Dancer’s skirts… how could they not continue to learn and listen if part of them is still awake? That can be a difficulty, though, as I think you know.

But don’t you see, child, this is no cause for tears. The others around you may not understand, and yes they tease. I’m sorry they do. It’s in our nature to fear that which we don’t understand, and by teasing they make it “other,” meaning it becomes something they don’t feel the need to understand. Teasing makes it feel safe again. I know it isn’t right. I know that because my eyes are open, too. Yes, I figured you had guessed that by now.

You don’t feel it now but you will, give it time. The truly wonderful part of being a dancer is that you have more to give in this life should you choose to do so. Dancers make excellent caregivers because they are able to intuit the needs of others instinctively. They are good listeners because there is still that part of them that is awake and learning from this life, drinking in its mysteries. They are often steadfast friends because they take the time to try to understand another as completely as possible and allow others to be who they are rather than categorizing them like those teasers did to you.

Child, I know it feels like a burden now, but you’ll find that the more you listen, the better able you will be to hear the music Mother Dancer sways to. Your steps will take on a cadence and you’ll find a place of peace within yourself.

Then, child, may you dance.