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Sea Glass

When river and rainfall ran dry
I looked for you
and held my moment
a lifetime too long
in your door

Ten hurricanes raged at the land
tearing apart all that I understand
I bent my head forward
and leaned in the wind
to follow you

I would go with you
beyond the line
when your light fails
I will bear mine

Steady now
don’t flinch
not going to lie
is going
to pinch

Steady now
don’t fly
I am by your side

The quiet skies fill us with dread
for what they may bring
and when your courage fails
I’ll have my armor on

Take my hand

Like sea glass we’ll weather the waves
inching us forward
until the bright day
we’ll filter the sunlight
in colorful rays

Old made new

I would like to thank my patrons at Dustin; Nicole; Rainy City Ukulele School; Stephanie; and my World Shapers, Ann, Jess, Natalie, Barney and Diane, Mike and Leigh. Poetry tastes your name upon its lips and smiles.