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The Color Series


A while back I wondered how many short stories I’d written over the last five years. As it turned out, there were more than a few. I was taken by the inspiration to publish a Color Series, a set of single short story books.

I know I barely have time to read anymore but I still love taking in a story. With lives moving faster and quick entertainment in increasing supply, a thick book can seem an unappealing time commitment. For me, nothing will truly replace the experience of turning pages to discover what happens next. So… a short story as a single book! And perhaps best of all, when lined up on a shelf, the color series will add a delightful little rainbow to a library.

I sorted the stories into categories and ended up with eleven thematic divisions that probably only make sense in my wonky view of the universe. These I assigned to colors. I chose my favorite stories and dug into editing. The plan is to release one each month.

Without further ado, I’m happy to introduce the first book of the color series, from the color fuchsia: A MOMENT FROM NOW.


Moment’s time is coming and he isn’t sure he’s ready. There are so many unique and truly marvelous things on the horizon and once they happen, once he becomes, that’s all he’ll be. Moment decides he won’t show up. Minutes, Hours, Days and even Weeks get involved but still Moment doggedly refuses. Finally, Moment takes his perspective to the lofty of halls of Eon where he is surprised to discover the scale of his own importance.