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What Should I Do When I Get Mad?

One of our challenges right now with our three year old is helping him to get through strong emotions. You can see the bewilderment in his eyes even as he makes the decision to throw a toy or swing an arm. So… children’s book idea:

I like being happy 

I sometimes feel sad

But what should I do 

When I get mad?
I want to throw things

I just want to hit

I want to kick stuff

I want to spit.
But if I do these

Then trouble is had.

Please what should I do 

When I get mad?
The lion says “Roar!”

Giraffe stomps his hoof.

A doggy makes growls

And then shouts “Woof!”
Turtle takes a breath

Cheetah has a run

Monkey hops around 

Lizard gets sun.
Grandma claps her hands

And says “that won’t do!”

I guess I’ll try these

Next time I’m blue.
It helps to use words

To say how I feel.

And after I roar/stomp/growl/bark/breathe/run/hop/rest/clap/speak

Feel better still. 
I like happy best

Sometimes I feel sad

But I know what to do

When I feel mad.