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Welcome “Girl with the Ocean Eyes”

This is overdue, but I’m happy to present the book version of “Girl with the Ocean Eyes.”


Ella is the answer to quiet bookstore owner Daniel’s dreams. She slips into his life effortlessly and lights it ablaze with her delightful and equally maddening ability to get the world to shape to her desires. The air of mystery that surrounds her only deepens with her tempestuous nature and her refusal to shed light upon her past. When she disappears, Daniel must push through his doubt and suspicions, and even embrace her strange methods, if he’s going to find her and bring his Ella home.

The Color Series:

I set about creating the Color Series to try a different approach to getting my short stories out into the world. I collected together my favorite short stories from this blog and began creating individual books, categorized by color.

Some colors feed the larger worlds of my novels. Some feed themselves. Some are simply colorful. The thought is that they’re a fun quick read and affordable for gifting, collecting and sharing.

Important Links for Girl with the Ocean Eyes:

Where to buy the book:
Girl with the Ocean Eyes (paperback)
Girl with the Ocean Eyes (Kindle)

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A Peek Into the Story:

‘Girl with the Ocean Eyes’ was a nod toward selkie mythology, which I’ve always found intriguing, though it isn’t itself a selkie story. Ella is Elasia, a name you might recognize from a few other stories from the far side of dreams. The difference in this story is that she has crossed into Daniel’s world for a time. This gains significance in ‘The Trails of Exasia.’ Whatever might be said of their relationship – and truly, who doesn’t have a thing or two to work through? – the love between Daniel and Ella is strong enough to span worlds.

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