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You’re Eternal, Mother

Mother, how you give.

Your love and devotion wrap around us like a forcefield, extinguishing doubts.

You guide. Patience is required after that, sorry. And forgiveness. Extra helpings of that.

You nourish. You find a balance between providing what we need to thrive and holding back so we may stand on our own and walk away.

As we do we carry you with us, within ourselves. In the phrases that come out of our mouths. That inner reminder of caution still somehow bears your voice.

You’re eternal, mother. You shine out in our best moments, winking at the world from within our hearts.

Today we honor you. We pause and recognize your sacrifices and love. Today we say ‘Thank You,’ and stand our tallest to make you proud.

We celebrate you, Mother, and in what ways we can, we try to give back.