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The Daughter and the Serpent

Long ago, before the age of men and their cities, before the rise of giants even, there was a time governed by light and shadow. Day and night held no distinction as suns and moons swirled in tight formations across the sky.

A sphere formed within this dance that became home to creatures of heat and movement. As time passed these beings separated from each other, some staying on the surface where they could drink in the light of the dance. Others shifted underground to discover hidden caves and deep places in the cool liquid seas.

Greatest of all beasts of cave or sea was a wily serpent called Omig. Clever and vicious, he’d grown strong on the meats of unwary travelers. Word spread of the dangers near his lair so eventually he had to roam to find new meals. His taste was especially for those who challenged him and those who fled. To all who held still at his passing, Omig declared that someday he would make the world a cool, dark place where any who followed him could roam in freedom. He described the joys of no longer being relegated to the cramped, forgotten places beneath.

Omig’s support swelled as he moved from dark crevice to deep waters with these words. With the privileges of this power he grew even larger and stronger, and with his increased size, so too did increase his hunger.

‘Omig the Fire Eater’ they named him as his appetite took him to the aching bright light above in search of new prey. Soon even the beings of light living upon the surface of the world no longer satisfied his appetite. Omig, now enormous and confident, considered the scalding heat of the suns dancing above. His mighty hind legs bunched. With a force to make the world wobble in its orbit, he thrust his great body into the heavens.

This story has been published in the Color Series. 
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