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The Star Keeper

After the time of Omig the Fire Eater devouring the sky, the light-bearing creatures of the world were enlisted to help what embers remained of the once great suns and moons who now needed to remember their part in the dance of the heavens.

Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of light bearers lifted up from our world to become Star Keepers. The Star Keepers were guides and guardians of these frightened and diminished celestial bodies, though most often when you hear someone refer to the Star Keeper, they’re speaking of only one. He was called Bright Smile.

The world was still young in these days. Color had only recently flooded the land and still dazzled the senses after so long with only light, shadow and dark. Creatures were still choosing shapes and names. Languages weren’t always so different from substance and the two were sometimes confused. Words misused could spill mountains by mistake.

It was a dangerous time but also one of constant discovery, and Bright Smile gazed in amazement at the world below as he and his sun, Joy, wove their way through the dance.

Bright Smile was well liked, even if he was sometimes a trickster. His laughter bounced around the sky, emitting tones that sometimes caused nearby suns to flare up and grow and circling moons to glisten with a little extra luster.

It was because of his tricks that no one worried at first when he and Joy failed to appear for a while. Bright Smile’s laughter did not come even as time stretched though. Moon, worried, listened to the whispers above.

“Bright Smile and his sun are still there,” she said to the others, “but something is passing by in the shadows and Joy is afraid.”

This story has been published in the Color Series. 
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