‘The Assigning’ release date

The blue book of the Color Series, ‘The Assigning,’ will be published August 24th!

The eBook is available for pre-order here


Assigning can be a messy process for a character. Opal knows that, for as frustrating as the changes are, at some point they’ll stop. And when they do, she’ll be fixed in place forever. She and her best friend, Danny, quest to find the only man who’s beaten an Assigning before they run out of time.

The Color Series:

The Color Series is a growing collection of single short story books drawn from the stories originally posted here. I grabbed my favorites, brushed them up, organized them into color sets and set to work publishing them. If collected, they’ll form a delightful rainbow on your shelf.

This blog runs on the fuel of reader comments and the generous patronage of the patrons at https://www.patreon.com/wcmcclure. There, they have access to behind-the-scenes tidbits, bonus stories and more. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. You can even follow many of the posts there even if you don’t become a patron.

I’d like to dedicate special thanks to Stephanie Tuma and to my World Shapers, Ann & Jess. These are some of the most delightful people this side of dreams. Thank you for your support!


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